24 July 2022 to 2 August 2022
House of International Conferences
Europe/Moscow timezone

Monte-Carlo studies of heavy sterile neutrino from Ds+ decay

30 Jul 2022, 17:06
House of International Conferences

House of International Conferences

Dubna, Russia
Talk (10+2 min) Young Scientist Forum Young Scientist Forum


Mr Kirill Ivanov (MIPT)


Standard Model of high energy physics is very successful, but neutrino sector is not completely accommodated into it (e.g. neutrino oscillations). One of the possible solution is introduction of heavy sterile neutrino, which does not have any flavour and interacts with only flavour SM neutrinos via oscillations.

In this talk studies of heavy sterile neutrino N is presented, where neutrino originates from $D_s^+$ decay, namely $D_s^+ \to \mu^+ N \to \mu^+ \mu^+ \pi^-$. Origin of $D_s^+$ mesons are semileptonic decays $B_s^0 \to D_s^+ \mu^- \mu_\nu$. Studies are provided using Monte-Carlo simulation samples with CMS detector at CERN Run-2 conditions (proton-proton collisions with $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV). Full simulation (Pythia + EvtGen + Photos + Geant4) is provided, as well as the full reconstruction of the simulated decay. Several points on ($m_N, V_{N\mu}$) plane are generated for the sterile neutrino properties, where $m_N$ and $V_{N\mu}$ are the expected mass of N and coupling parameter with mass. We provide studies of kinematic and topological variables of the involved particles, reconstruction efficiencies in dependence of N properties, detector resolution and selection criteria, fit functions etc.

The obtained results and estimated sensitivity in ($m_N, V_{N\mu}$) plane will be used for the future search for this decay and heavy sterile neutrino, using real CMS Experiment data.

Primary authors

Mr Kirill Ivanov (MIPT) Ruslan Chistov (LPI RAS)

Presentation Materials

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