24 July 2022 to 2 August 2022
House of International Conferences
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Searches for the light invisible hypothetic pseudoscalar in the [K+ --> pi^{+} pi^{0} P] decay at the OKA setup

30 Jul 2022, 17:42
House of International Conferences

House of International Conferences

Dubna, Russia
Talk (10+2 min) Young Scientist Forum Young Scientist Forum


Mr Artem Okhotnikov (NRC KI - IHEP)


Searches for the light invisible hypothetic pseudoscalar in the decay $K^+\rightarrow\pi^{+}\pi^{0}P$ are performed for two alternative scenarios, namely for the pseudoscalar sgoldstino and for the axion. We analysed the data taken from the "OKA" detector in 2018. The setup uses 18 GeV/c RF separated beam of the U-70 proton synchrotron.
No signal is observed, the upper limits for the branching ratio of the decay are derived for both scenarios.
The 90% CL upper limit for the case of sgoldstino is estimated to be in the region $3\cdot10^{-5}$ to $2\cdot10^{-6}$ depending on the sgoldsino mass from 40 to 200 MeV. The upper limit for the axion is changing from $2\cdot10^{-5}$ to $2.5\cdot10^{-6}$ for the axion mass range from 20 to 200 MeV.

Primary authors

Mr Sergey Akimenko (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Alexander Artamonov (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Alexander Gorin (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Sergey Donskov (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Alexander Inyakin (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Vladimir Kolosov (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Victor Kurshetsov (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Michail Medynsky (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Yury Mikhailov (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Vladimir Obraztsov (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Artem Okhotnikov (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Vitaly Polyakov (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Vladimir Romanovsky (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Vladimir Rykalin (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Alexander Sadovsky (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Vladimir Samoilenko (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Oleg Stenyakin (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Ilya Tyurin (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Vladimir Uvarov (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Alexey Filin (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Gennadiy Khaustov (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Sergey Kholodenko (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Oleg Yushchenko (NRC KI - IHEP) Mr Evgeny Guschin (INR RAS) Mr Vladimir Kravtsov (INR RAS) Mr Yury Kudenko (INR RAS) Mr A. Yu. Polyarush (INR RAS) Mr S.N. Filippov (INR RAS) Mr A. Khudyakov (INR RAS) Mr B. Zalikhanov (JINR) Mr G. Kekelidze (JINR) Mr V. Bychkov (JINR) Mr V. Lysan (JINR)

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