3-9 March 2020
HSE Study Center “Voronovo”
Europe/Moscow timezone

Development of a method for reweighting distributions to search for new physics using effective field theory

5 Mar 2020, 20:00
HSE Study Center “Voronovo”

HSE Study Center “Voronovo”

Voronovskoe, Moscow Russian Federation
Board: 15
Poster [portrait A1 or landscape A0] Young Scientist Forum Poster Session


Artur Semushin


It is conveniently to use a model-independent approach of effective field theory for indirect search of new physics. This approach consists of parametrization of the lagrangian with operators of higher dimensons with some coefficients. If we compare experimental data with Monte Carlo results, it becomes possible to impose an upper limit of the value of coefficients. However, the real value of any coefficient belongs to a continuous spectrum, whereas Monte Carlo modeling can be performed for discrete set of the values of coefficients. In this work the problem of reweighting of kinematic distributions was considered. There was developed a method to get distributions for any value of coefficient using initial distributions, obtained with fixed coefficient value. This method will be employed to get constraints on the values of coefficients.

Primary author

Artur Semushin

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