3-9 March 2020
HSE Study Center “Voronovo”
Europe/Moscow timezone

Study of Xi_b^- signal and its excitations on LHC data

6 Mar 2020, 17:42
HSE Study Center “Voronovo”

HSE Study Center “Voronovo”

Voronovskoe, Moscow Russian Federation
Talk [10+2 min] Young Scientist Forum Young Scientist Forum


Mr Kirill Ivanov (MIPT)


$\text{A study of }\Xi_b^- \text{ baryon and its excited state }\Xi_b^{*0} \text{ is reported using proton-proton collisions}$ data sample collected at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV by the CMS experiment at the LHC in 2016-2018, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of $ 140 \; fb^{-1}$. $\Xi_b^-$ is reconstructed in $J/\psi \Xi^-$ channel $(J/\psi \longrightarrow \mu^+ \mu^-, \Xi^- \longrightarrow \Lambda \pi^-, \Lambda \longrightarrow p \pi^-$), and its excited state studied through decay to $\Xi_b^- \pi^+$, where pion is taken from primary vertex. More than 1000 signal events of $\Xi_b^-$ and up to 90 of $\Xi_b*^0$ are obtained, that are planned to be used for further search of new $\Xi_b$ states in $\Xi_b^- \pi^+$ and $\Xi_b^- \pi^+ \pi^-$ systems.

Primary authors

Mr Kirill Ivanov (MIPT) Ruslan Chistov (LPI RAS)

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